Marc Anderson
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I am a design leader
shaping digital experiences with innovation and vision.

I specialize in crafting innovative digital experiences that captivate audiences by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and deep customer insights.

Through collaborative partnerships, I create engaging platforms that drive brand success and ensure user satisfaction.

A hand holding a mobile phone displaying Fr8Hub's mobile app in front of commercial trucks.
Celsius mobile app screen showing interest earned on Ethereum (ETH) token over time (dark mode).
Image of a figure sitting at a laptop on a white table, viewing the OnScreen platform
The design of Celsius's dashboard on desktop listing the value of a user's portfolio as well as the coins which they hold.
Hand holding a mobile phone which is displaying the home screen from Atlis's mobile app

My approach to work is anchored in a set of core values that include putting people first, pursuing excellence, and embracing growth.

I craft solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of both businesses and customers, driving effective results that ensure mutual success and satisfaction.

Photograph of Marc Anderson sitting on the floor in a photography studio with his two children, one girl and one boy. The floor is wood and the overall palette is warm.

I'm a curious and meticulous individual who explores the complexities of human-technology interactions.

I am continuously seeking opportunities to grow by broadening my capabilities and understanding of the world.

In my work, I craft digital solutions ranging from platforms that strengthen personal connections to immersive experiences that blur the line between the tangible and intangible.