My Approach
Design Made Human.

Hands holding an iPad with the website for the Metropolitan Museum of Art displayed on it, while inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I help my clients and stakeholders see themselves through the eyes of the people whom they are trying to reach. Then we design something amazing together.

I help businesses achieve their goals by deeply exploring the space where their needs and desires intersect with the needs and desires of their audience members.

For every challenge I have been tasked with, or thing I have been asked to make, I start by considering the perspectives of people. This framework grounds my thinking, and allows me to create a unique activity set for every client.

Humans enjoy attentiveness, acknowledgement, and accommodation.

A photograph of a concept sketch for the redesign of Salvatore Ferragamo's website


Understand who you are designing for. Identify and consider the people who benefit from your product, including you.


Meet their needs and the goals of your business and imagine an innovative solution that fits the many needs and goals of those people.


Realize the solution through an iterative approach and design a solution that meets those needs and stands out for its beauty and ease of use.

These activities apply to each initiative and the whole engagement

Each engagement necessitates a bespoke activity set that contains a series of workshops and exercises chosen to help gain insight or test a hypothesis that we or our clients might have.

Here are some example activities:




These activities keep me honest throughout the strategic and creative process, ensuring that together we arrive at innovative solutions that are rooted in honest conversations and quantifiable goals.

At the end of the day, I believe that being thoughtful and making considerate work will lead to effective partnerships, and successful outcomes for my clients and stakeholders.

Marc in front of a computer screen working on the design of a digital product

My work has been recognized by the UX, design and business community for its unique vision, attention to detail, and ability to drive results.